Sponsored Training Process

Sponsored Training Process

1. Registration

Registration occurs every Thursday at 9:00am promptly for a duration of 2-3 hours. Applicants are advised to was with NIC#/ID Card and writing material.Location- Bisee Campus

2. Career Coaching

This session takes place after registration and aim to assist in exploring your interest, career guidance, action plan development and setting SMART goals.

3. Literacy Testing

Testing the literacy level of the applicant by analyzing their Mathematics, Reading and Spelling skills.

4. Interview

One on one interaction- understanding why career path was chosen and best fit as well as personal career guidance interview as well as past, present and future goals. Dress code: Formal.

5. Productivity Enhancement Training (PET)

Applicants will be short listed according to training area and take part in a Life skills training period for 15 days which entails Communication skills, Conflict Resolution, Job Readiness and more.

6. Technical Vocational Training

After completing PET, trainees are selected to complete 2-4 months of technical training, 1 month job placement & completion of CVQ Assessments or international certificate examinations.

7. Graduation

Successful individuals in PET, Technical Training, Job Internship, Assessments or Examinations will be eligible to graduate.