Welcome to Classeek Restaurant

The NSDC southern extension presents you with a prestige restaurant which was design to train our future hospitality professionals. We provide gourmet breakfast and lunch as well as a venue for private events. All our services are supported by our trainees at the NSDC.

Catering Services

We provide high end catering services for all events island wide. We specialize in breakfast, lunches, dinners and cocktails events.

Authentic Dining

Our restaurant is fully equipped to provide luxurious dining for any event or occasion. We aim to show the public the results of our training.

Event Venue

Our restaurant is equipped with the perfect ambiance for weddings, graduations, balls, reunions and many other events.

Our Work

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We provide catering for all events island wide. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Special Events. Book Now!

Contact Us

Claseek Restaurant at NSDC Vieux Fort

NSDC Lane,St. Judes Highway,Vieux Fort

1 (758) 454-5713/454-8091