Our Story

History of NSDC St. Lucia

NSDC was Founded

The NSDC begun with seven (7) who were directed by Ernest Hilaire, Permanent Secretary of Youth and Sports.

Official Launch

The company was launched using a holistic thrust of research, counseling and life skills.

First Graduation

The first graduation took place right outside of the Bisee Centre under a large blue and yellow tent .

NSDC Receives Funding

Training funded by the Government of St. Lucia, the European Stabex, Basic Needs Trust Fund & Caribbean Development Bank.

Revolutionized ICT Project

Selma St. Prix, acting General Manager, obtained international ICT standards with Microsoft Suite certification through the Partnership in Opportunities for Employment through Technology in the Americas (POETA) Project.

Staff Increase

As a result of an increase in projects, the NSDC was required to employ more staff. Therefore there was increase of 57 staff, bringing the total number of staff to 80.

New Building in the South

NSDC Vieux Fort was built under almost impossible situations through SFA 2004 funding.

Organization Structure Change

The NSDC gains new partnership with employers and created a hierarchical structure of all departments at the organization .

CVQ and OECS Skills Project

NSDC in collaboration with the Ministry of Education provided the Caribbean Vocational Qualification under the OECS Skills Project.

Technical Training

Presently, the NSDC continues to deliver training to the general population whilst striving to also improve the quality of training & human resource in the organization.

Partnership with CompTIA

Leading ICT certification provider CompTIA and the NSDC became partners- offering better ICT Training