Industrial Security Operations

Course Outline

Apply basic defensive techniques

  • This unit covers the process of applying basic defensive techniques in a security risk situation. It requires the ability to use basic lawful defensive techniques to protect safety of self and others within the requirements of applicable legislation.

Apprehend and arrest offenders

  • This unit deals with the apprehension of persons who have contravened established procedures and regulations at an assigned location.

Communicate in the workplace

  • This unit deals with maintaining effective standards of communication with clients and customers in the workplace

Control access to and exit from premises

  • This unit deals with monitoring and managing the access/exit of persons and vehicles to and from premises including key control and site lock-up.

Control and direct crowds

  • This unit deals with the control of crowd size, behaviour and direction of crowds.

Employ batons and handcuffs

  • This unit covers all aspects of selecting, carrying, using and maintaining a variety of batons and handcuffs

Handle telephone calls

  • This unit deals with telephone techniques in answering and receiving calls to disseminate and receive information for smooth flowing of communication in an organization.

Understand and apply legal and procedural requirements

  • This unit addresses the knowledge of legal constraints that are applicable to the performance of security duties. The knowledge of procedures described in this unit has direct application to the way work is performed and does not require skills in the interpretation of statutes, contract or common law Duty of Care

Follow occupational health and safety procedures

  • This unit deals with recognising potential health and safety risks and the procedures and actions needed to eliminate or minimise those risks.

Maintain the security of premises and property

  • This unit covers the competencies required for both mobile and static guarding and includes responding to alarm calls

Manage conflict in the workplace

  • This unit deals with handling, defusing and resolving difficult situations occurring in the workplace with minimum use of force if required

Manage intoxicated persons

  • This unit deals with security requirements to effectively handle intoxicated persons at the assigned site

Observe and monitor people

  • This unit deals with the observation and monitoring of people to maintain security, and taking appropriate action to prevent loss or damage to property and/or personnel.

Operate basic security equipment

  • This unit deals with operating basic security equipment including, but not limited to computers and communication equipment

Maintain an effective relationship with clients/customers

  • This unit deals with building and maintaining an effective relationship with clients, customers and the public

Provide first aid

  • This unit deals with the skills and knowledge required to provide first aid. It complies with standards, practices and procedures of St John Ambulance Association and equivalent first aid bodies.

Work as part of a team

  • This unit deals with the individual’s contribution to the effective functioning of the team and the achievement of team goals

Give evidence

  • This unit covers the skills and knowledge required to give evidence in a judicial or quasi-judicial environment. It requires the ability to prepare for legal proceedings, give evidence and report on outcomes of proceedings. This work would be carried out under routine supervision and within organisational guidelines

Maintain lost and found facility

  • This unit deals with the knowledge and skills required to operate a lost and found facility

Carry out data entry and retrieval procedures

  • This unit deals with the skills and knowledge required to operate computer to enter, manipulate and retrieve data and to access information and communicate via the Internet

Receive visitors

  • This unit deals with the skills and knowledge required to receive visitors to an organization, while keeping set rules and procedures

Operate a security vehicle

  • This unit deals with maintaining and operating assigned security vehicles under routine as well as response conditions


Course Information
  • Course Id:ENG102
  • Timings:Full Time/Part Time

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